Welcome to the Realm of the Mop

Moppy | Minor | Any pronouns

Hi! I'm Moppy!

(cool icon made with this funky picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097)

I'm nonbinary (No pronoun preference)I'm a minor so weirdos get outta here (but I'm willing to tell you my age if you ask)Neruodiverse (ADD, Asperger's, Depression likely, Anxiety likely)Pansexual I'm just a muppet of a man who's here for a good time!
I love talking and meeting new people, so if you wanna chat with me, don't be afraid to say hi!

Before You Follow...

  • I tend to make jokes in poor taste, mostly those relating to sex and drugs. If those aren't your niche/you're uncomfortable with those topics, please tell me ahead of time so I don't make you uncomfortable/triggered by said subject matters.

  • As mentioned, I'm on the autism spectrum, primarily that of Asperger's. As such, I might not get jokes all the time, so please try to be as patient with me as possible, and don't get frustrated/angry/make jokes at my expense for not getting a joke. I also have a tendency to be blunt. I never intend to hurt somebody's feelings on purpose (well, not ALWAYS), so if I do hurt your feelings, please let me know!

Please do not interact if...

  • You follow under the obvious shtick: LGBTphobic, racist, openly anti-Semitic, you get my point, dontcha?

  • You are a/support M.A.P (Minor Attracted Person)s. M.A.Ps/basically a generally Gross Person. This also includes DDLG/CGL/whatever mumbo jumbo they use.

  • You ship gross stuff (age gap, ships with unfortunate implications such as implied abuse, related characters, that kind of nasty crap).

  • You support factkin.

  • You support/are in cringe culture.

  • You are against headcanons, mainly those of LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity. They're just for fun, my dude! No need to get your panties in a twist.

  • You support real people shipping.

  • If your account is primarily based around drama/politics.

Preferably ask to follow if...

  • You're a Kpop stan.

  • You're over the age of 18 (no hard feelings, I'm just a little uncomfortable with talking to adults). I mean, unless I followed YOU first.


Please be wary about these. Either not show me 'em at all or if you're on Discord, spoiler them.

  • The word c*nt

  • Graphically violent threats towards other people, regardless if in a joking context or not

  • Sad n' Scary Stuff (politics, climate change, that kinda Stuff)

  • Teeth and/or Mouth trauma

  • All caps messages when used in an angry context (this is fine if you're keyboard smashing or excited, it's just Really stress inducing)

  • Responding with only "..." or "Hm" (or other variants). This really stresses me out and makes me worry if I've one something wrong.

  • Autism $peaks

Okay, truth be told, that's it.

Comfort Characters

(You might wanna open the images in a new tab if you're on mobile because Carrd is a bitch)

From left-to-right:
MC King Kong Mushi (PaRappa the Rapper), The Incredibox Mascot, Jimmy T. (WarioWare), Ernie (Sesame Street), Avalon Centrifuge (LittleBigPlanet 2), Trekkie Monster (Avenue Q)

Please tag me in stuff of them I'll die for you

Kins (in no particular order)

From left to right:
PJ Berri (PaRappa the Rapper franchise), Pipimi (Pop Team Epic), Colonel Noodle (PaRappa the Rapper 2), Dr. Herbert Higginbotham (Little Big Planet franchise), Vibri (Vib Ribbon), Pearl (Splatoon 2), Gregg Lee (Night In The Woods) , Wario (Super Mario/Warioware franchise), Penny Crygor (Warioware franchise), 18-Volt (Warioware franchise), Nicky (Avenue Q), Moppy (My namesake!) (Universal Studios Japan)

I kin for fun, mostly as both a comfort and a way to have fun with relating with characters; I don't really take it TOO seriously. Doubles are epic!! We are now obliged to animorph into one.

My interests!

If you like the things I like (ESPECIALLY my special interests), please please please interact! It'd really mean a lot to me

Special Interests/Hyperfixations

  • The Mr. Men Little Miss franchise

  • Puppets (mainly Sesame Street and Avenue Q)

  • Steven Universe (my longest one as of the time of me writing this)

Major Interests (at the time of me writing this)

  • Miis

  • Happy Tree Friends

  • Kid's cartoons

  • The 2000s

  • Cookie Run

Secondary Interests

  • WarioWare

  • Incredibox

Other Stuff I Like (in no particular order)

  • Metalpocalyspe

  • Little Big Planet

  • PaRappa the Rapper

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Night in the Woods

  • Trollz

  • Pop Team Epic

  • Inside Out

  • The Amazing World of Gumball

The Meatball Dragons!

(The Name is an inside joke, don't ask)

The guys are my longest set of internet mutuals, dating back as May of 2018. They all mean the world to me, and I love them with all 5'8 inches of my body! These are all listed in no particular order, they're all awesome in their own rights!






You guys all mean the world to me!

The McTrollnads Gang!

I met these Epic Gamers way back in July 2018, and they're the coolest dudes around! While we may not share our interests, we still have super fun times with each other!





You guys have the Mega Microawesome and I love nyall!!

If you're a mutual and you haven't seen yourself up here, feel free to ask to be put up here!

Please don't take that seriously I am going to scream cry if you do

Where Else To Find Me?

  • LullabyIsland (DeviantArt)

  • Moppy McDoodleson#0522 (please tell me who you are beforehand before friend requesting me!) (Discord)

  • ElectricGayhem (Toyhou.se)

Those're pretty much ALL my social medias as of the time of me writing this.